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         Lucky Travels and Tourism is another organization named after Khan Group, to send Hajj and Umrah people to Hajj and Umrah, while thinking about the suffering of Hajj and Umrah every year. Whose Hajj License no-268 & Umrah License No-254. Hajj pilgrims started traveling with only a hundred, but gradually the number of Hajj pilgrims continued to provide good service. After the need for more licenses and as per need, KI Travels, Hajj License No.-866 and LR Travels, Hajj License No.-897 & Umrah License No-382. name, two more Hajj agencies were established. Later on, Lucky Travels and Tourism and LR Travels started sending Umrah Haji on a license based on IATA license. From now on, Lucky Travels and Tourism, L.R. Travels and K I Travels have published the syllabus by performing Hajj and Umrah.


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